Monday, June 1, 2015


Hi, Just returned from a couple of days in Scotland photographing Ospreys & Dippers. Please see link to view a few of the images I managed to capture.

Its been 5 years since I last went to Scotland, that was early winter then & managed the usual red squirrels, Crested Tits etc.. But wanted to visit it in the summer for mainly Osprey well...
Despite the cold & bad weather with snow still on the mountains, bombarded with ice rain temperatures close to freezing. I managed to capture a few images of fishing Osprey for a couple of hours of 3 very early mornings 4am chilly mornings that is. It was brilliant to witness these birds in action & wonderful that I managed the shots as the light was mainly terrible albeit the 1st morning but no Ospreys showed up after 3 fished at first light but unable to achieve sharp images on those. The 2nd day was much better 6 birds within a couple of hours. The 3rd morning visit was very short 3 came in one after the other within minutes of setting up. Sadly none returned for the rest of the duration. But none the less came away very happy with what I had captured.

Dippers is a subject I have wanted to photograph for years & not getting these in the South eastern part of the UK it was something I really put some effort into during the very short stay in Scotland.  The three sites researched & recommended two of them on the last day came up trumps and finally managed a few shots. Managed to see & photograph a few other species whilst there: Grey wagtail, Ringed Ouzel, Heron, Lapwing & chicks, Thrushes, Red Grouse, Oystercatchers & chicks and more. Overall a short but very enjoyable visit. Pity its a 10 hour drive away.

Just ploughing through the Raws now. Have low res a few for flickr take a look.