Monday, August 10, 2015

@ Cressing Temple Barns this August Bank holiday Sunday & Monday

Hi, thanks all that came to Ingatestone Hall last weekend. Met many new faces that had not seen my work until now. Thanks for all the positive comments and appreciation I received +  thanks to all that made the commitment and purchased some of my mounted images, cards or bookmarks. I hope you all have many years of enjoyment with them.

For your interest I will be at the Cressing Temple Barns Guild of Essex Craftsmen Craft Fair end of this month the August Bank Holiday weekend Sunday 30th & Monday 31st. This event is much bigger than Ingatestone with close to 90-100 tables spread all over the site. Hope to see you there.

You may have noticed that some Astro images are starting to appear on the flickr site. I have started to play around with telescopes & cameras combined and looking into doing some deep space imaging. Just for fun, just need some clear & very dark nights to come, hopefully the winter nights will pay dividends. I will let you know how I progress with this as the year goes on. Keep a check on flickr to see what I may have achieved. Although its a steep learning curve & not as easy as I thought.

See you soon