Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Red Deer Rut

Just returned from a full day on Westleton Heath in Suffolk to capture some images of this years Red Deer rut. Have not been for a couple of years and certainly discovered a lot less deer around than I have ever seen in this area in the almost 10 years of visiting the rut here. With some of my old haunts deprived of any deer activity, seemed very odd.  Talking to some locals and as I suspected with noticing a few high chairs scattered around, there seems to have been quite a large cull taking place in the area. Much prefer wolves & Bears back myself, the natural way.
Anyway, I did manage to track a couple of groups down & spent sometime photographing and witnessing some rutting taking place. So, quite pleased with what I has managed to photograph. I have put a small selection on the Flickr site. Click on link below:


Now off to see the local Fallow Bucks and see what they are up to.
Speak soon, Ray.