Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rut season

Hi, after  a disappointing trip up to Westleton Heath & over Minsmere to see the Red Deer rut.....well what turns out spending so much time trying to even see any Deer's, let alone photographing any action. I have never known or seen so few Deer around in this area. I think they must have got trigger happy with the recent cull. I wandered around and see just a few distant Stags & handful of Hinds.

After 4 years since my last visit to Richmond. On Monday I paid a visit to the park. Even there seemed quite quiet. A lot less deer than the previous years. Anyway managed a few nice shots.3 stags put on a bit of a show. Rutting its self was bit scarce although we did witness some action. The grass was just too long to get clear rutting images. Anyway some nice portrait shots were had.  Put a handful up in flickr.


Thanks, Ray

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